Folding rollers with up to 50% savings*
Made in Germany. Top quality. Quick delivery.
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100% radial runout. Top material quality.
With the performance of an original folding roller.
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Constantly over 2,000 rollers in stock.
All folding rollers instantly available.
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  • Take advantage of our SPECIAL SALE and benefit from discounts on our GUK folding rollers, read more

  • Take advantage of our SPECIAL SALE and benefit from discounts on our GUK folding rollers, read more

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Save up to 50%*
with our folding rollers

with the same durability and folding quality you can save up to 50%, when using our folding rollers, compare to the original machine manufacturer.


Version Extra Grip
exclusively from Folding Factory

Folding rollers from MB Bauerle and Horizon we manufacture in the proven Version Extra Grip. More about the advantages of Extra Grip

High quality folding rollers
Made in Germany

Our folding rollers are manufactured with the highest expectations to quality and precision. They are, in terms of durability and folding quality, absolutely identical with the original.


Always more than 2000 rollers
in stock- fast delivery times

For a fast and flexible delivery we always hold more than 2.000 rollers in stock. Usually you will get folding rollers from all manufacturers from us, new or rebuilt (for example Stahl/MBO 142).

Original Polyurethane Rings
100% concentricity accuracy

For the accurate guidance of the paper and a precise fold, our rollers are equipped with proven polyurethane rings. They are durable with a low wear out.



Post Press Specialist-
for more than 20 years

folding factory is specialized in manufacturing high quality folding rollers for more than 20 years. Our rollers are durable and in production worldwide.

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