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100% radial runout. Top material quality.
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 Rebuilding folding rollers is done in a complex process of wet and multiple dry grinding. The knurl is reworked and grounded wet and the concentricity of the folding shaft core is readjusted. A final fine-tuning adjusts each PU ring exactly to the folding roller core. The result is a completely renewed folding roller of proven quality. We guarantee high-quality polyurethane rings in the quality of a new folding roller and 100% concentricity for precise folding.

Every mechanical component moves within a tolerance zone. Our folding rollers are also manufactured according to the original tolerances of the manufacturer and individually checked. This ensures that you always receive a folding roller from us that runs 100% and moves within the tolerance range.

All well-known manufacturers of folding machines switched to polyurethane in the 1980s. This material has proven itself in continuous use and is still superior to other materials due to its properties. Material tests by recognized testing institutes show that the abrasion value of nitrile rubber (natural rubber) is 3 to 4 times higher than that of polyurethane. This means that rubber uses out up to 4 times faster.

For this reason, we only use polyurethane for our folding rollers.

Sometimes we see folding rollers that are covered or coated with rubber or non-original polyurethane with bad concentricity. Exact folding is impossible here. A little cheaper at first - but the special offer soon turns out to be a nightmare. Folding problems, long set-up times and rapid wear and tear lead to another unscheduled change of the folding rollers. In addition, the quality suffers and investments have to be made again only a short time later. Here the saying comes true: “If you buy cheap, you buy twice”, so cheap is not always better.

Our folding rollers are handmade quality folding rollers with original polyurethane, which are all individually checked. If you are unsure or have received a cheaper offer, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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