Multiple glue applications cannot be realised without glue rolls.
Take advantage of the benefits to create a more flexible production operation.

We modify all Stahlfolder machines (services for all other manufacturers are available upon request) in an economical manner, so that you will be able to produce printed products featuring glue applications in a more flexible manner.

We guarantee a 100% concentric run-out for all segment folding rollers. Take advantage of the quality-related benefits that you can integrate into your customers’ end products!

Segment folding rollers are available in the following working widths: 40, 50-52, 56, 66, 78, 82 and 94 cm.

Available exclusively from Folding Factory:
Extra Grip Glue Segments that are compatible with our Extra Grip folding rollers

We developed Extra Grip glue segments in order to improve the folding result associated with Extra Grip folding rollers. These glue segments are exclusively available with us. The Extra Grip glue segment has a width of 48 mm. It holds 2 PU rings and features the same type of division as an Extra Grip folding roller (15 mm ring width, 9 mm steel). When glue is not applied and the segments have been pushed together, the folding roller and the segment folding roller exhibit the same type of division. This leads to an enormous improvement in the folding result.

Our glue segments are always ground on the corresponding folding shaft core. This procedure guarantees an impressive concentric run-out and ensures that optimal results are obtained vis-à-vis the end product. A marking on the shaft specifies the position of the pressure screw of the glue segment.

Leimsegmente 03 Leimsegmente 01

Classic glue segments (width of 30 mm)

Our Classic glue segments have a width of 30 mm, and they are divided in a ratio of 50:50 (15 mm PU ring, 15 mm metal part). The segments are made from rust-free stainless steel. An M8 pressure piece with a brass inlay (which clamps itself onto the shaft without damaging it) holds the segment in the desired position.

Leimsegmente 03 Leimsegmente 01

Extra Grip glue segments (width of 48 mm)

   Segment folding roller and glue segments

   Fully-equipped segment folding rollers

    Working width 40 cm Classic or Extra Grip    
    Working width 50 - 52 cm Classic or Extra Grip    
    Working width 56 cm Classic or Extra Grip    
    Working width 66 cm Classic or Extra Grip    
    Working width 78 cm Classic or Extra Grip    
    Working width 82 cm only Extra Grip    
    Working width 94 cm Classic or Extra Grip    

   Glue segments

    Glue segment 30 mm Classic    
    Glue segment 48 mm Extra Grip    

   Folding shaft core

    Folding shaft core For all working widths      

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