Folding rollers with up to 50% savings*
Made in Germany. Top quality. Quick delivery.
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100% radial runout. Top material quality.
With the performance of an original folding roller.
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Constantly over 2,000 rollers in stock.
All folding rollers instantly available.
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Folding factory GmbH was founded in the year 2006 as a subsidiary of Witt Falztechnik. While Witt Falztechnik takes care of the German market, folding factory specialised in looking after the overseas markets. The company makes deliveries to printing companies, processing companies and book-binding companies throughout the world.

At our facility in Ludwigsburg, we use an elaborate production process (which encompasses turning, milling, knurling, galvanising and grinding procedures) to produce high-quality folding rollers for folding machines manufactured by Stahlfolder, Stahl, Heidelberg, MB Bauerle, MBO, Horizon sowie H+H Herzog + Heymann. Services for other manufacturers can be obtained upon request.
In order to facilitate speedy and flexible deliveries, our warehouse always contains more than 2000 workpieces for Classic and Extra Grip folding rollers. These are then covered with soft or hard PU, in accordance with the client’s wishes.

When it comes to European countries, we offer our folding rollers along with service offerings that encompass the task of replacing folding rollers and the task of servicing and repairing the client’s machines. Compare our low prices with other prices – We would be happy to draw up a non-binding offer for your folding rollers.

Production process to manufacture our folding rollers

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Folding Factory GmbH  |  Philipp-Reis-Straße 4  |  71642 Ludwigsburg  |  Telefon +49 (0) 7144 - 33 40 22  |  Telefax +49 (0) 7144 - 33 40 21  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.