Folding rollers with up to 50% savings*
Made in Germany. Top quality. Quick delivery.
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100% radial runout. Top material quality.
With the performance of an original folding roller.
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Constantly over 2,000 rollers in stock.
All folding rollers instantly available.
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Sometimes we see folding rollers that are covered or coated with rubber or non-original polyurethane with bad concentricity. Exact folding is impossible here. A little cheaper at first - but the special offer soon turns out to be a nightmare. Folding problems, long set-up times and rapid wear and tear lead to another unscheduled change of the folding rollers. In addition, the quality suffers and investments have to be made again only a short time later. Here the saying comes true: “If you buy cheap, you buy twice”, so cheap is not always better.

Our folding rollers are handmade quality folding rollers with original polyurethane, which are all individually checked. If you are unsure or have received a cheaper offer, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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